This track focuses on all physical hardware related topics. This includes, but not limited to:

  • IT infrastructure of networks
  • Processing nodes
  • Data storage systems
  • Hardware and gateware (FPGA/HDL) design
  • Timing and synchronisation systems
  • Control system infrastructure
  • Keywords
    • xTCA, FMC, VME, PCI, PCIe, PCB, FPGA, HDL, EMC, timing, synchronization, event systems, distributed clock systems, pump and probe, network, multi-core processor, infrastructure monitoring, servers



This category covers all aspects of software development, deployment and use for controls. In all programming languages. Submissions are encouraged in the areas of:

  • Software upgrades to existing control systems
  • Management of the change control process
  • Transition of upgraded systems to operations
  • Development of new and evolution of control frameworks e.g. TANGO, EPICS
  • Integration of control hardware in control systems of all sizes
  • Scripting and notebooks e.g. Python, Jupyter
  • Design of web and desktop user interfaces and UX (User eXperience)
  • Frameworks for integrating detectors and experimental equipment
  • Integration of commercial off-the-shelf software for controls
  • Software solutions for data management e.g. data portals
  • Protocols for controls and data exchange
  • Software development best practices
  • Keywords
    • TANGO, EPICS, IIoT, web, Python, Jupyter, CI/CD, Bluesky, Sardana, BLISS, software framework,middleware, toolkits, web-services, SCADA, data visualization, reporting, GUI, user interface, user experience, remote control, telepresence  interfaces, open data, FAIR principles, open source, metadata, data curation, data security, data catalogues, data standards, data models, data quality, data tiers, data transfer, edge computing.

System modelling


This track focuses on system modelling topics which are more theoretical in nature. This includes, but not limited to:

  • AI/ML algorithms applied to control systems
  • Optimization and feedback systems
  • Control/system identification
  • Simulation of control systems
  • Data analytics
  • Keywords
    • AI/ML, system design, application modeling, artificial intelligence, optimization, digital twins



This track includes any topics not covered by Hardware, Software or System modelling. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Project status reports
  • Control system upgrades
  • Experiment control
  • Management
  • Safety systems
  • Keywords
    • facility installation, commissioning, operation, decommissioning, status, legacy systems, upgrade, maintainability, long-term support, shutdown periods, operations, risk analysis and mitigation, strategy, change management